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The Age Of The Antichrist

The Age Of The Antichrist

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Hail mixed with blood rifles the earth; raging fires consume a third of the planet; locusts sting with the force of scorpions, torturing without killing their victims, and yet the end is not here. One man is intent on holding the power of the universe in his hands. With the backing of several multibillionaires, his plan takes shape. Is there any force that can stop the man who would be god? Ken Action, engaged to his co-anchor, is at the top of the news market. He has little need for God. But one day, during a live broadcast, his fianc饠suddenly disappears, along with millions of others around the world. One scientist explains it as spontaneous combustion. Others theorize an alien invasion. Everyone wonders what has happened, but even more importantly, What is ahead? Has peace finally come to the earth, or is the final battle for the world soon to begin? Ken's search to uncover the mystery entangles him in a web of deceit. He becomes a pawn of the Antichrist as he tries to uncover the truth. Only the power of God can rescue him from the control of the Enemy. Not since Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness has a novel so clearly revealed the unseen world of spiritual warfare. Author Jonathan Cash calls The Age of the Antichrist "faction," explaining, "It's a fictional drama about the end of the world, yet it is based solely on the prophesies in the Bible. I hope my book helps everybody prepare for the spiritual hurricane that's lurking offshore!"
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Material: 100% Polyester

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