Strength To Stand

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The strength and power of the Holy Spirit always moves freely through those who have no other desire than to share the word of the Lord to hungry people. And make no mistake about it, God has much to say to His people. God has much He wants to communicate to the world around us.

There is much to learn from the Bishop T.D. Jakes’ words, but also his method, his passion, and his love of the Lord Jesus. Strength to Stand equips you to meet the devil’s end-time onslaught to thwart the plan of God.

In Strength to Stand, Bishop Jakes covers topics including:
Who Is Your God? 
In Your Darkest Hour 
Asking Why? 
God’s School of the Spirit 
The Cold Kiss of a Calloused Heart 
Healing for Past Hurts 
The Only Safe Place 
Victorious Strength 

When economic troubles, family struggles, political upheavals, and natural disasters take center stage, you can rest assured with an inner peace that passes all understanding, that you have the power to victoriously live through it all. God’s master plan is to carry you to new and exciting heights of splendor, hope, and love.