Sing Through The Bible

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Sing Through The Bible DVD brings you 30 fabulous 'What's in the Bible?' songs from the biggest, brightest and certainly the most fun-packed children's Bible teaching DVD series ever.

Thirty songs from the entire DVDseies keep your 4s to 10s singing songs that make Bible stories memorable and Bible teaching relevant to children's lives today. Songs with great lyrics and the kind of fun-filled rhymes that stick in children's minds are joined to simple tunes that any child – young or old, will love to sing along to and even perform given half a chance.

Phil Vischer's 30 Bible songs take children through the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation dropping in on all the great stories from the Old and New Testaments on the way. Every song is crafted for memorability and fun as they tell the Bible story and reveal the truths of God's Word in a way that really matters to younger children, older children and even grown-ups.

Presented by What's in the Bible series anchor man, Buck Denver, and the musical mayhem of series stars The Fabulous Bentley Brothers, Clive and Ian, Chuck Waggin and Sunday School Lady, this singable selection of 30 songs from the DVD series is a must have for your What's in the Bible full series collection, and a fabulous resource for all-age services, children's clubs, assemblies, outreach and parties.

One of the most comprehensive children's DVD teaching resources, 'What's in the Bible?'' is fast becoming the benchmark for Bible story and Christian faith based entertainment for children all the way from 4 to 10 and way beyond. Teenagers especially seem to love the off-the-wall songs with a down to earth style of reverence that makes the Bible open to them in their lives and world.

Masterminded by Veggietales creator, Phil Vischer, Buck Denver and friends look set to continue guiding children into and through the Bible for many years to come. This collection of entertaining, education and enlightening songs will give you an essential resources for your children's work and a valuable insight into how to get children involved in the message of what's in the Bible.

Running time approximately 60 minutes.

Region 0 DVD plays on all DVD players.