Revival Fire

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Revival Fires and Awakenings spans four centuries and features 36 accounts of revivals and awakenings in eighteen countries on six continents. Whilst each revival is different the author reveals the common characteristics and reoccurring experiences which come to the fore during times of visitations of the Holy Spirit. Read about the heaven-sent blessings of revival from the Holy Bible and church history and see the workings of God during times of visitations. 

Read about: Revived Christians, saved sinners, transformed communities and nations; healings, physical phenomena, conviction of sin, miracles, signs and wonders, deliverance from demons, prayer and intercession and much more. 

The book covers: Revivals in Scripture, understanding revivals and awakenings, the characteristics of revival, why revival is needed, how to see revival, prayer for revival, opposition and why revivals cease, visions and prophecies of revival for the United Kingdom and beyond, our responsibility, repentance, personal holiness and intercession for the nations. Revival Fires and Awakenings looks at the twenty-eight revivals from the Holy Bible and features thirty-six of the most powerful revivals and awakenings from world history as well as little known and obscure visitations of the Holy Spirit.

The 36 accounts of revivals include: The American and British Great Awakenings of the eighteen century, the revivals of 1857-1860 in America, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England; the 1904 Welsh Revival, Azusa Street Outpouring; Congo, Korean, Indonesian, Hebridean, Pensacola and Argentinean Revivals and includes visitations of the Holy Spirit in Kilsyth, Dundee, Cornwall, East Anglia, North Uist, Ghana (and other West African countries), China, Japan, Manchuria, New Zealand and many other places with references to dozens of other revivals and incredible evangelistic campaign, healing crusades and television evangelism from the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. 

Throughout the book there is a watermark and undercurrent of the influences of the British Awakening (1739-1791) and the Welsh Revival (1904-1905) and how Christians were stirred and encouraged by past visitations of the Holy Spirit; or encouraged and inspired by the lives of revivalists, to see the blessing of revival in their own town or nation. Read about the prayer and intercession of surrendered vessels which allowed the heavens to be rent and the floods to be poured forth so that Jesus could be lifted up, drawing men unto Himself during times of Divine refreshing. Learn from the past, be challenged for today and be inspired for the future!