REDEEMED PAD (Soul-Enriching and Evangelism Tool)

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The Redeemed Pad is a One-stop Electronic Tablet for accessing all RCCG Manuals, audio messages and also a Soul-enriching and Evangelism Tool. Though it is custom-made for RCCG, but it is also designed with many other features. As a result, additional applications can be downloaded to it from the Google Play Store. The Redeemed Pad also has a SD Card slot which enable the users to expand the memory to accommodate other resources. The Redeemed Pad is endorsed by RCCG.



Pre-installed Contents (Apps) Include:

  - Pastor E. A. Adeboye Messages

 - Sunday School Manuals

  - House Fellowship, Hymn Books

- Workers-in-training, Believer's Class, Baptismal Class Manuals

 - Open Heavens Devotional

 - Holy Ghost Congress Messages

 - Annual Convention Messages

 - Holy Ghost Service Messages

 - Divine Encounter Messages

 - Bible & Bible Study Resources

 - Sermon Note Book

 - Emails, Phone Calls, Text Messages, etc.