Prayers That Get Results

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Nothing Is Impossible with God When You Pray Effectively
Prayers are meant to be answered, but many Christians do not know how to pray effectively. Fortunately, the Bible teaches us how to pray in order to bring glory to God and to address our physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational needs.

In Prayers That Get Results, Pastor Tom Brown delves into different types of prayer and reveals why believers cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach when they talk with God. He explains that Scripture provides us with specific prayers for specific needs, each with a unique language and attitude, including,

  • Prayers of submission
  • Prayers of petition
  • Prayers of agreement
  • Prayers of release
  • Prayers in the Spirit
  • Prayers of intercession
  • Prayers of binding and loosing

And many more
When you know how to talk to God effectively, you will see your prayer time not as a tiresome chore but as a sacred and joyous activity that you don't want to stop. If you are longing to see your prayers answered, you have found the right resource.