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A ten-year-old boy escapes from an abusive father and is taken in by a local pastor only to discover that the boy is a prophet with a powerful anointing from God. Known as Luke, the boy's gift of prophecy leads him into direct conflict with the Fratellis a powerful mafia family with a generational curse of demon possession dating back to the sixteenth century. As he navigates the spiritual world and the streets depression-era Colorado, Luke is befriended by three unlikely people: a member of the Fratelli family; the crusading attorney trying to take down the family; and Clara Crawford an intriguing woman who is caught between the two sides. Will this small boy and his gift be enough to save lives and souls before the cycle of revenge and demonic possession destroys everyone he knows? His only weapon is the all-powerful name of Jesus Author Nancy Wentz' drama unfolds in both the physical and spiritual realms, treating the reader to a thrilling tale of mystery, passion, and historic.