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The ZEAL  SING-ALONG-SONG MP3 is a production of RCCG UK Director of Children's Ministry. It is a compilation of popular praise and worship songs to be played for children both in Church and at Home. The songs are produced and arranged in such a way that children can sing along whilst the music plays. The songs have been chosen to suit the the theme of the 2018/19 edition of Zeal.

The Theme of the 2018/2019 edition is “Dominion” and it teaches that our Children are born to dominate and therefore can live above limitations, challenges and fear. 

The aim of RCCG UK is for every child and young adult to have the spiritual nourishment that is needed to be healthy, safe, enjoy, achieve and make positive contribution to their family, church and society. We believe music is one of the ways our children can be nurtured spiritually. God bless you.