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RH Auction Products

Note: This Auction is for Registered Members Only. We reserved the right to accept or reject your application for participation in the auction. 

Product(s) for sale via the website usually fall into one of the following categories:

1. "Grade A": New or unused stock.  In most cases, these items may have been opened, stored for a long time and as a result, there may be obvious cosmetic signs of storage or carriage and mostly missing packaging.

2. "Grade B": In graded condition with minimal signs of use. Complete with accessories (may not have instruction books). May not be in original boxes. May be working or faulty.

3. "Grade C": More visible signs of use. This stock comprises of products that are deemed fit or unfit for resale. These will include mostly “faulty”, "damaged", and "for parts only". This product may be missing some accessories. Model changes could have occurred which may mean you receive a similar or same specification item. Packaging may be missing or damaged. 


1. All items sold by RH through this website are sold on the condition that the merchandise will either be used by the buyer, or repaired, reworked and recycled by the purchaser to allow future resale to an end user.  This product is sold on the understanding that it will not be resold as ‘new’ and that any electrical products will be tested by a qualified electrician before resale.

2. To the fullest extent permitted by law, RH Redemption Store gives no warranty or representation of any kind, either express or implied, as to the quality, condition or fitness for purpose of the merchandise, nor is any warranty or representation to be taken to have been given or implied from anything said or written in negotiations with RH or their representatives prior to purchase.

3. By purchasing merchandise through this website you undertake to ensure that either you, or anybody subsequently purchasing some or all of this products from you with the intention of selling these products on to members of the public, fully comply with all current and future Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations & General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR), and that upon purchase of the merchandise you will indemnify Redemption House & Redemption Store and the J Sainsbury Group from all obligations with regards to final disposal or resale of the merchandise in line with both WEEE & GPSR Regulations and any other such regulations that come into force as part of UK or EU law.

4. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website  and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions on each occasion you use this website and your continued use of the website shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions. 

5. We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to refuse any application to register and access the website services and to temporarily or indefinitely suspend any registered members.

6. You may request for the detailed Terms & Conditions.